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    Number of Layers:MultilayerBase Material:FR-4Copper Thickness:1ozBoard Thickness:1.6mmMin. Hole Size:0.2mmMin. Line Width:0.1mm(Flash Gold)/0.15mm(HASL)Min. Line Spacing:0.1mm, 4milSurface Finishing:HASL, Lead Free HASL, OSP, ENIGProduct name:HDI PCBCerti

    Xi'an JIA SPEED Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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  • Shopping Bag Non Woven
    Shopping Bag Non Woven
    PP Spunbond Non woven can be used for making shopping bag, PP Spunbond Non woven is a fabric-like material made from long fibres, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric involves a continuous process

    Shandong Laifen Nonwoven Fabric Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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  • PCD For Drilling Bits L3×3×5
    PCD For Drilling Bits L3×3×5
    Donge Zuanbao Diamond Co.,Ltd is one of the top level pcd for drilling bits l3×3×5 manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands, we are able to offer you best, cheap and high-quality and pcd for drilling bits l3×3×5 diamond, pcd for drilling

    Donge Zuanbao Diamond Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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